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Whether it is Czech cuisine or culinary delights our chef and his team prepare delicious meals for you. Our Menu changes seasonally. Our sheltered restaurant patio is open for you during the warmer months of the year. Our head chef Thomas  prepared with her team new menu. Come to taste!

Sheep cheese, red beets, honey dressing, nuts, brioche 119 Kč
Fallow deer loin „roastbeef“, pumpkin chutney 159 Kč
Steak Tartare, bread toast 220 Kč
Beef broth, liver dumplings, meat, root vegetables, noodles 75 Kč
Garlic soup, egg 63, croutons, cheese, ham 75 Kč
Pea soup with creme and croutons 75 Kč
Tagliatelle, dried tomatoes, capers, rocket, Parmesan cheese 229 Kč
Red beet risotto, chips, Parmesan cheese 229 Kč
Caesar salad, chicken breast, bacon, croutons, Parmesan cheese 245 Kč
Mixed salad, pumpkin, salmon fillet, red beet, balsamic dressing, butter brioche 285 Kč
Herb-marinated chicken breast, egg barely with pumpkin puree, roasted pumpkin 255 Kč
Pork neck steak, baked garlic sauce, ash-roasted potatoes 259 Kč
Pork tenderloin, herbs, sweet potato and cheddar stuffed pepper 275 Kč
Tenderloin in cream sauce, Czech dumplings, cranberries 265 Kč
Confit duck leg, red cabbage, Czech dumplings 255 Kč
Veal schnitzel, mashed potatoes, horseradish, baked onion 299 Kč
Salmon fillet, fennel, potatoes au gratin, parsnip puree 335 Kč
Fallow deer loin, chestnut puree, Brussel sprouts 389 Kč
Veal Osso Buco, cranberries, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, root vegetables 320 Kč
Beef burger, bacon, cheddar, red onion, lamb’s lettuce, sour gherkin, BBQ sauce, tomato, French fries, mayonnaise 259 Kč
200g Beef sirloin 450 Kč
200g Pork tenderloin 180 Kč
200g Rump steak (aged) 330 Kč
Pepper-Cream 45 Kč
Mushroom 45 Kč
Sauce from coarse-grained mustard 45 Kč
Sauce from baked garlic 45 Kč
Potato ragout, green beans, cream, bacon 79 Kč
Mashed potatoes 55 Kč
Grilled vegetables in olive oil 75 Kč
Cream risotto with Parmesan cheese 85 Kč
Butter baguette 45 Kč
Fried potato chips 45 Kč
Mixed greens salad, balsamic vinegar 85 Kč
Fresh spinach with shallot and garlic 80 Kč
Fried chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes 149 Kč
Sirloin in cream sauce, dumplings, cranberries 160 Kč
Salmon fillet, roasted potatoes with herbs 190 Kč
Lime cheesecake 119 Kč
Chestnut tart, pears, sauce 119 Kč
Choice of sorbets and ice-creams according to daily offer (1 ks) 30 Kč
Variations of cheese, pumpkin chutney, nuts, grapes 159 Kč

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Hotel Jan Maria****
Slívova 1946/7
710 00 Ostrava - Slezská Ostrava
GPS: 49°49'33.77''N, 18°19'20.322''E


Tel: +420 595 245 111
Mob: +420 739 455 744
E-mail: rezervace@jan-maria.cz

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„Jan Maria“ on Slivova street 1946/7 in Silezian Ostrava. Set just within a short drive of the town centre. 


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