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Gratinated goat cheese, lamb’s lettuce, honey dressing, nuts 149 Kč
Fallow deer roast beef, mushrooms, rocket, apple chutney 189 Kč
Duck pâté with port wine reduction sauce, cranberries 145 Kč
Tiger prawns with garlic & ginger beurre blanc, toast 249 Kč
Beef broth, liver dumplings, meat, root vegetables, noodles 75 Kč
Garlic soup, egg 63, croutons, cheese, ham 75 Kč
Creamy dill soup, 63-degree egg, mushrooms 85 Kč
Tagliatelle with lemon, basil, chilli, parmesan cheese 249 Kč
Risotto, tiger prawns, Parmesan cheese, rocket 379 Kč
Cesar salad, chicken, bacon, croutons, Parmesan cheese 285 Kč
Gratinated goat cheese, lettuce leaves, red beet, walnuts, Vinaigrette, crunchy pinsa 285 Kč
Chicken breast in herb marinade, pea puree, potatoes au gratin 285 Kč
Pork neck, roasted potato slices with bacon, onion and herbs, garlic sauce 285 Kč
Marinated pork tenderloin, herbs, stuffed pepper with mashed sweet potatoes baked with cheddar 295 Kč
Beef tenderloin with cream sauce, Czech Carlsbad bread dumpling, cranberries 289 Kč
Duck leg confit, red cabbage, Czech Carlsbad bread dumpling 289 Kč
Veal schnitzel, mashed potatoes, horseradish, roasted onion 335 Kč
Pike-perch fillet, roasted potato gnocchi with cream, lamb’s lettuce, lime sauce 365 Kč
Fallow deer loin, celery purée, potato croquette with Parmesan cheese, cumberland sauce 459 Kč
Beef tenderloin tartare, rosted butter ciabatta 339 Kč
Beef burger, bacon, cheddar, red onion, lamb’s lettuce, pickle, BBQ sauce, tomato, French fries, mayonnaise 289 Kč
Veal roasts, potato ragout with bacon, cream and brussels sprouts, salsa with capers and shallots 365 Kč
200g Beef tenderloin, mild creamy pepper sauce, potatoes au gratin 590 Kč
200g Ball tip steak, chilli chedar sauce, lamb’s lettuce, crunchy pinsa 460 Kč
200g Beef ball tip steak fillets, steak fries, lettuce leaves, aioli dip 460 Kč
Fried chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes 169 Kč
Sirloin in cream sauce, dumplings, cranberries 175 Kč
Beef ball tip steak fillets, steak fries, lettuce leaves, aioli dip 198 Kč
Poppy seed cake with apricot 119 Kč
Dark chocolate cake, lime sorbet, sour cream, gingerbread 119 Kč
Sorbets and ice-creams according to daily offer (2 scoops) 89 Kč
Variety of cheeses, onion marmalade, nuts, grapes 159 Kč

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Hotel Jan Maria****
Slívova 1946/7
710 00 Ostrava - Slezská Ostrava
GPS: 49°49'33.77''N, 18°19'20.322''E

Mob: +420 739 455 744
E-mail: rezervace@jan-maria.cz

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„Jan Maria“ on Slivova street 1946/7 in Silezian Ostrava. Set just within a short drive of the town centre. 


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